Planning a wonderful and appropriate farewell funeral or memorial service for a loved one is an art.
It is often overwhelming for family and friends, at a time when grief is most intense.

A professional funeral celebrant can provide guidance and support to craft a personal and meaningful service for their loved one.
A professional funeral celebrant will spend time with family and friends to develop a true and fitting reflection of the life of the person they are commemorating.


As a compassionate and professional funeral celebrant I take the time to put together a complete and fitting reflection of your loved ones life.

Often it is the only time in a person’s life when we hear their complete story.

How many times have you come from a funeral saying ”I didn’t know they did that!” It is a wonderful opportunity to gather the story together from the different phases of a person’s life to reflect their place in history, to remember they lived and walked in this world and they have a legacy to leave.

My attention to detail, my empathy and compassion to serving you will result in a beautiful ceremony to celebrate your loved one’s life.

Assistance can be provided to structure the service, eulogies and select appropriate music.

I believe that crafting a beautiful funeral service is an honour to those most special to us.

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We were so grateful to have Gail as the Celebrant for our mother’s funeral. Right from the start Gail showed compassion, understanding & interest in the life my mother had experienced in her 95 years. Gail was the perfect person to conduct our mother’s service and we couldn’t have asked for anyone more suitable to take on this task. I would most highly recommend her services to anyone requiring a Civil Celebrant. She is such a beautiful lady. Thank you Gail for all you did for our family at such a difficult time.
Dear Gail, Thank you again for the beautiful job you did in officiating my mother's funeral. The whole family was very grateful for the wonderful way you presented the service. I really appreciate all the trouble you went to for our family. Many, many thanks.
Dear Gail, thank you so much for the service yesterday - I had so many comments on how beautiful the wording of the service was, and how appropriate. That credit goes to your wonderful gift in putting together 'the story'. So many people left the service with a greater understanding of Jason's mental health issues. Thank you again for your wonderful words - the perfect ending to Jason's life.
Julia, Nathan and Alex
I want to thank you for making your visit on Saturday such a warm experience for me. It was so lovely talking about the cherished thoughts of Ron and our life together. I felt very calm - like that warm and fuzzy feeling one can gets when something special happens in your life.
“I would like to thank you on behalf of Tony, myself and our children, Jordyn and Matt for the beautiful service today for Mavis” “From only spending a short time with us you captured the essence of Mavis beautifully, and your compassion and empathy for people going through difficult times like these clearly shone through”. “We were very pleased to have a celebrant who took the time to talk to us all, delivering a beautiful, meaningful introduction without taking items out of the eulogy”. “Gail, we were very impressed with the life picture you presented for Mavis in your welcome”. “The service was beautifully done … with such compassion and empathy for us all”. Thank you again.
Sheila, Max, Julie, Owen, Ben and Teagen.
Dear Gail I have taken a little time out today for quiet reflection after dropping relatives off at the airport. I want to say a very big thank to you for a very moving and peaceful service. I felt you reflected mum back to us well and had obviously listen emphatically to what we as a family felt and said. As you know we have been to the Norwood Park Crematorium 3 times in the past 3 years so there were many people sitting in front of you who were very weary. However I felt a lightness and peace in the service. Thank you so much for driving mum's service with such understanding, allowing us the time to speak, remember her and grieve in such a special way.
Di, Bill (daughter and son-in-law) Xanthe and Bree (granddaughters)
Your advice, preparation of materials, sensitivity and conduct of the service was very much appreciated. I think that it was a very fitting service which was, in no small part, thanks to your assistance. All the best.
Dear Gail. I wish to say a BIG THANK YOU for all your help during the hardest couple of weeks of my life... You did a great job and I got many comments people letting me know that too. Before you came over and I saw your first draft, I was lost. Not knowing what to do. I've never had to do this before... but you put it together perfectly. I'm proud of a beautiful send off.......but my tears are still flowing and as your introduction said, only time can soothe this. THANK YOU Gail. I will remember you for the future. xo
On behalf of my family we want to thank you for the lovely service for Dad. Though you had only known of Dad's family for a week, you really captured the man that dad was in your service. We are all really appreciative of your kindness and caring attitude and helping us with the finer details in the Service.
On behalf of the family I want to thank you for a thoughtful, professional and well-delivered service. We appreciated your visiting us at Mum's to gather details about Dad's life and I was impressed with your going the extra mile in your own time to research and add further detail about Sardinia and the 1st Regiment. These are the things that separate those who approach their work in a professional manner and those who you. Again, thank you Gail and best wishes.

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